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Did Arthur C Clarke and Stanley Kubrick invent the iPad in 1968? Samsung certainly thinks so


Sceptical? Well, the film and book 2001: A Space Odyssey do both feature an unmistakably iPad-esque device

If you’re still not convinced: Samsung have even cited the film in their legal battles with Apple over the latter’s accusations that Galaxy tablet computers copied iPad designs.

In the…


stabilized star trek shot


stabilized star trek shot

“Such is the adamantine resolve of mankind!”


In the 50s cartoonstrip Dan Dare, as drawn by Frank Hampson, the classic contours of British Imperial SF were blurring. Dare is set 50 years after its creation, in the year 2001, more or less: contrast it, then, with the denizens and cityscapes of 2036, as portrayed in the 1936 British film


Bill Sienkiewicz 2007: pinup from Vampirella Quarterly: Spring 2007


Those people are fucking PISSED at what Supes did to their cars.


The future as seen in Shonen Magazine (1969)